Five Reasons Why Websites Fail

That is a fact of the Internet

It is hard to believe that only two decades ago, the Internet was unheard of

In a span of twenty short years, it has advanced at astonishing rates

User expectations are greater than ever before and people are demanding more and more from the sites they visit

There are many reasons why a website may not perform as well as expected

Perhaps the site is not generating any sales

Maybe the site is not attracting the target audience, or the site was never properly launched in the first place

This is a list of common reasons a website may fail to attract beneficial traffic

  1. Your website is a very powerful tool

    It is used to get information out regarding your company and your products

    Previously, a company may have used the Yellow pages, newspaper ads, local radio or even TV to advertise

    Today, they use the Internet

    Unfortunately, many business owners simply throw something together instead of spending valuable advertising dollars on a website

  2. Never get your teenage son’s best friend to build a website for your company

    Hire a professional

    Competitive web sites need to be designed, branded, architected, developed and marketed by professionals in order to effectively compete in today’s Internet marketplace

    Do not underestimate the value of a professionally developed website

  3. Your site has to be clear as to its purpose

    Many times business owners will see a website while surfing that appeals them in some way

    They decide that is what they want their website to look like even if it does not have anything to do with what they are selling

    That is no way to business

    Just like a business, a website needs a plan, a goal, a direction

    Share those ideas with your web developer and they will help you achieve the goals you have set for your site

  4. Websites have to be marketed

    You can have the best site ever designed, but if no one knows about it, it will not benefit you in any way

    Remember, you are in a sea of billions of website

    Your marketing budget should be a proper investment

    Research and find the best Internet marketing company you can afford

    Listen to them and take their advice

    A good marketing company will research your competition, your keywords and act accordingly to get you placed where you want to be on the Internet

  5. Also included on this list should be laziness

    Many times companies begin with a really nice website and a really nice idea

    Then, they allow their site to stagnate

    Without changes to the site, even if people are visiting your site, they will stop because they will get bored with your content

    Internet users have way too many choices of sites to visit and you must give them a reason to come back to yours

    A blog is a good way to update content and to get people to visit

    It is a great way to market your products

– Ciniva Web Agency

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