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Helpful Tools for Your Twitter Account

Are you Twittering? No, it has nothing to do with a heart condition. If you don’t know what Twittering means, then you’re obviously missing out on the latest social media networking innovation. Twitter is a site dedicated to “micro-blogging,” a condensed style of online social interaction that allows you to update your personal status, post URLs, and connect with other Twitter users around the globe who share your interests. Like any other social network brand, Twitter has fast become an important tool for Internet marketing: major media companies like CNN and The New York Times use Twitter to update their followers, and Barack Obama made good use of the site during his presidential campaign. If used properly, Twitter can help you promote your business or products easily!

Acquiring a Twitter account is no different than signing up for any other social network. Select a username, choose a lively photo for your profile, and start micro-blogging! As you promote your Twitter account through your regular blog, Web site, and MySpace or Facebook accounts, you can build a Twitter readership ready to hang on your every post, or “tweet,” as they are called. Yet, you might wonder how Twitter can benefit your business and promotion, or how you will be able to keep your account updated when you already have so many social networks to manage. Luckily, there are a number of tools you can apply to your Twitter account to make for smoother updates and more concise optimization. Whether you are a novice Twitter-er or an expert, these tools will help make your “tweets” come in loud and clear.

Twitterfeed – Say you have a very detailed weblog for your business or products. What better way to announce a new blog post than to promote it through Twitter? With Twitterfeed, you can set up your Twitter account to receive your blog’s RSS feed, so every time you post, Twitter will deliver the link and the post title to your account. A great timesaver!

Twellow – If you have had an active Twitter account for a while and aren’t satisfied by the number of followers, you might wish to seek out like-minded folks who would be interested in what you have to say. Twellow is a new search engine of sorts, designed to seek out Twitter users according to geographic location and interest. By building up your profile on Twellow, you allow other Twitter users to find you quickly as well.

TweetWheel – Most assuredly, if you follow enough people on Twitter you may find you share a number of followers with your Twitter mates. If you’d like to know exactly how many of your Twitter followers overlap you can consult the TweetWheel. This site pulls all the friend information from your account and creates a colorful wheel design. Hover your mouse over any Twitter friend and you’ll see how many friends you have in common. This is a handy tool to use if you are trying to attract new friends. Find the one follower with whom you have few to no friends in common, then try to attract those Twitter users to your account.

With Twitter you have the opportunity to promote yourself, your business, and anything you choose. As you build a following through other social networks, guiding them to your Twitter account can help you update more and more people on a daily basis. With these recommended, time-saving applications, you can maximize the usability of this blogging tool and watch your online presence grow.

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