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Picking a Good Username on Twitter

So you have decided to sign into Twitter and promote your business. This could work well with your online marketing strategy. With millions of Twitter users reading and posting updates daily through the main site and a host of compatible tools, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase sales and referrals. The trick, of course, is getting people to discover that you exist and have a presence worth following. You can entreat opt-in mail subscribers and site visitors to check out your Twitter stream, but before you do it’s important to take on the proper handle.

When you obtain your account, your first inclination is probably to take a handle close to your brand or company name. This makes sense, especially if you have a well-known brand that people search. Your customers would expect your Twitter handle to feature your business name prominently. Let’s say, though, you are not as well-known as the Disneys and Nikes of the world. This could give you some leeway in choosing a name depending on the factors that define your business.

Let’s consider the following:

Regional Market

Does your business serve a specific area rather than the national market? Including your region, city or state as part of your Twitter name can enforce notice of your service areas. Customers in your sales zones typically search for services, and there is a good chance such a handle could show in the results.

Showcase Your Product

Does your business focus on just one product? Potential customers may be more inclined to find you on Twitter based upon the name of your product rather than a company name that doesn’t necessarily reveal the nature of your business. Incorporating your product into your handle can help people find you, people looking for you.


Should you include underscores in your name or run all the letters together? Typing dashes and underscore marks can prove cumbersome in time, and if customers are trying to address you by memory instinct may tell them to type your name sans marks. You may think it silly to give consideration to such minor details, but this can make all the difference in social media, especially when somebody is trying to contact you.

Take into account the size and popularity of your business, your geographic reach, and the products you sell when you prepare to promote via Twitter. Good Twitter handles are memorable, and once you have one set you can create memorable content to attract followers.

– Ciniva Web Agency

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