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The Value of Organic Search Engine Marketing

In this age of dominant social media, does it matter whether or not your websites are properly optimized for search? Believe it or not, yes.

If your main site functions as your prime source for e-commerce and a point of contact for your business, it is important that customers can find it via search if they do not patronize your social channels.

While it is good to have a strong marketing strategy with Twitter and Facebook, you should not neglect your main site, or rely upon them to drive your traffic.

Organic SEO still holds value in this changing world of online commerce and marketing.

Why maintain good organic SEO practices for your website? It seems easier to tweet out new content and upload videos to YouTube, doesn’t it? While the Internet gives us the advantage of obtaining information practically at the speed of light, the transfer of news and viral curiosities happens at such an abbreviated pace.

Our attention spans appear truncated as we dish out and receive news in 140 character bites.

Eventually, though, if you sell a product or service potential customers will want thorough details.

Therefore, it is important that your main website is prepared to accommodate visitors.

You must continue good SEO practices – proper tagging of photos, meta data, and links – to give your company the edge over your competitors:

  • Outbound linking to relevant information can boost your authorityNaturally you will have links to your social profiles prominent, but don’t forget inbound link that takes visitors deep into your site

    Robots continue to crawl the Web as well, so keep your code clean for them

  • Tag photos accordingly for added search mojo, and make sure your content is sufficiently peppered with your keywords
  • Structure pages so that content is easily to find, and that your site is easily navigableRemember what was said about short attention spans: if you don’t have the offer up front people are not likely to search creation for it

One thing to bear in mind when optimizing your site for good search results is that the more attention you give it, the more likely the major engines will pay attention to your activities, in a good way.

If you have a blog attached to your site that is updated regularly, all the better.

The influx of fresh content helps keep your site relevant and gives people a reason to return.

Organic SEO remains a factor in your online success.

Take the time to evaluate improvements to your main site.

– Ciniva Web Agency

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