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Why is traffic to your website low? Perhaps the reason is not so much that consumers aren’t willing to visit your site, it’s that they are unable to find your site in search. Here is where High Search Ranking’s services come into play. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is defined by the process of structuring various elements of your website that it appears prominently in search engine rankings. The business of SEO is volatile, in that tricks that worked seven years ago definitely do not work today. It used to be that having solid META data integrated in your site guaranteed results, but these days the major engines look for other factors. When you sign High Search Ranking on to handle the SEO of your website, you can expect major tasks to be performed to suit the current SEO climate:

Validation of all META, TITLE, and ALT Tags

While META optimization is not the be-all and end-all of SEO, we still look at the various HTML tags that are functional in SEO – the META tags that define the site’s content, the TITLE tags that will displayed in search results, and the ALT tags that accompany each image found on the site. Here we will recommend changes and additions to emphasize the relevance of your content.

Validation of search engine friendly site content (text and HTML)

The cleaner the HTML code and the more relevant the content, the better the opportunity for good search results. As site content becomes more important in SEO, we will continue to optimize for good, relevant content as seen by consumers and code as seen by spiders.


Having a weblog attached to a website also allows for the opportunity to submit to weblog specific search engines, thereby increasing awareness of the site. We can assist with the creation and launch of a blog and, if time doesn’t allow to update, create the content as well.

Link Building

As thousands of new websites are launched daily, we will work to sift the wheat from the chaff as we find relevant quality sites with whom we can building linking relationships to get the word out about your site.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As SEO continues to evolve, the above list will change. More tasks may be added, some may be removed and others may be enhanced. What will never change is the need to make SEO an ongoing process in the maintenance of your website. Don’t feel disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. Some website may take weeks to see the impact of SEO, while others even longer. Indeed, we have seen this with past SEO clients, yet almost all of them ultimately found the traffic, and sales, they wanted as our efforts took hold.

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